Grevbo Engineering - Indian Motocycle

Jörgen Sundberg
Grevbo 107
SE781 98 Borlänge, Sweden

Contact info

Business Phone/Fax: Int.
(+46) 243-23 54 44

About Grevbo Engineering Indian Motocycle

Jörgen Sundberg, owner of the company, has got a long and professional experience restoring and fixing Indian Motocycles. The company is located in Grevbo, a small village a few miles outside the city of Borlänge in the mid-eastern part of Sweden. Click here to see a roadmap »

Every year, during summertime Indian fanatics and bikerfriends travel from all over Europe to visit Grevbo Engineering to get their bikes looked over, see the rarities in the company´s showroom, and meet with other Indian Motocycle brothers and sisters. As Grevbo is a place on the Swedish countryside, many beautiful and bikerfriendly roads lead to us. As a bonus, lots of fine Swedish nature to see while getting here on Your Indian Motocycle!

Grevbo Engineering welcomes You next time You are around!